Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Don't know if I'm burned out or coming down with something or what, but I just cannot seem to generate any energy or enthusiasm, for anything.

I haven't really had much enthusiasm for my work for years, if I have to be honest, but it's really reaching new lows just lately. Having to sweat over the office not having any work to do hasn't helped any.

I sat down to write last night and made myself work for about an hour, but it was a chore, not a joy, and I only wrote a few hundred words. And at that, I wrote myself into a corner where the characters aren't going to be able to go where I need to steer them. So most of it's going to get deleted the next time I sit down to write.

Went to bed and crashed hard, and was really hoping to re-energize my system, but I had to get up at 12:30 and spend fifteen minutes or so dealing with an earache. Fifteen minutes isn't all that long, but it screwed up my sleep cycle. (On the plus side, I had a dream this morning that I think helps with my approach to the characters not going where they're supposed to. The dream itself won't do me any good, but it seems to have made a couple of synapses fire that needed to.)

Of course, it's been a week since I've made it to the gym, so it's possible that some of this lethargy is my body ramping down my metabolism. (Stupid body.) I'm going back today, so maybe that will help.

But really, what I feel like I'd like to do is crawl into a hole and not come out for about a week.

Maybe two.

In the meantime, I've all but promised Penny that she can have a Hallowe'en party, so I need to start organizing that, and figure out when we'll do our trip to Pumpkinville for carving and baking pumpkins, and just... stuff.

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