Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wild Blue

The Charity Blitz stories finally got posted last night around 10:30. They must have been having some hellacious database problems. (These are the trials of being a tiny company: you don't really have the wherewithal to support a really robust web system, so your webmonkey has to do everything by hand.) Anyway, my story is out, and if you like those kinds of stories and/or would like to support the charity to the utmost, let me call your attention to the package, which gets you all 28 stories at a more than 15% discount! (And now I shall shut up and take my shilling back to the writing blog. Thank you for your patience.)


No blog entry tomorrow, as I'll be up early (probably 5:45ish, which is not even half an hour earlier than usual, but any time before 6am automatically sucks as a wake-up time) to get dressed and pack my jammies and toothbrush and head down to the airport to catch an 8am flight back to Atlanta for Grandmom's memorial Saturday. (This will be my fourth trip to Atlanta in less than a year. I'm beginning to feel sort of proprietary about the place.)

I've still got an "assigned at boarding" seat assignment, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me and I'm desperately hoping it doesn't mean "we're hoping for some cancellations". (But I'm pretty sure it does.) Here's hoping I get that flight, as the next one doesn't leave until after noon, which is a long time to be cooling my heels in an airport. Especially the Newport News airport, which is tiny and has most of its shopping kiosks on the wrong side of the security gate.

I expect a slightly stressy/tense, depressing family gathering. I wonder if I could convince John and Sam and the cousins to go out dancing or something in the evenings. ...Yeah, it's probably kind of tasteless to suggest it. Note to self: download some reading material. At least I finally bit the bullet and bought Pages for my iPad, so I have a doc-capable (at least in theory) word processor available if I find time to do some writing.

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