Monday, September 27, 2010


Yay for weekends.

We went out to dinner with Braz and Adin and company Friday, for Braz's birthday. Saturday morning, we went over to Braz's again to hang out, because the kids had been so dejected that they weren't getting any real playtime Friday night. After lunch, as we started herding kids toward cars so Alex could get his nap, the offer was made that Penny could stay and play with Ripley while Alex napped. Which was brilliant. So Penny and I got to hang out with them for a few extra hours. Sunday we stayed home all day, aside from the grocery shopping and me taking Alex to get his hair cut (which was a good month overdue -- the shorter hair makes him look younger again and sticks straight up all over, but at least it's not in his eyes anymore). Penny played with Ray and the girl who lives a few houses down from us pretty much all day. Oh, and I took her to Target because she had three whole dollars burning a hole in her pocket and wanted to spend it.

So that was my weekend. I slept in Saturday, and Penny even let me sleep a little extra on Sunday, but I'm still feeling weirdly drained and exhausted. I wonder if it's psychological rather than physiological -- that whole, "I'm stressed and I hate my job" thing. Not much to be done about it at the moment, alas.

This week in brief: Today, Matt is one of the WatchDOGS at Penny's school. I've got book club on Wednesday. Saturday afternoon, Penny's going to Ripley's birthday party (Alex is invited, but given the timing, may sleep through it) and that evening I'm babysitting for Braz and Adin so they can go to a grown-up party. And the next day, they're babysitting for us so Matt and I can go to the Newport News Park Fall Festival without the kids in tow -- really looking forward to that. I love the Festival, but doing with the kids last year was just a nightmare.

And tonight or tomorrow, I need to go back to the grocery store, because I somehow forgot about ten things that I need for this week's meals. Oops.

It's almost the end of September already. Wow.

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