Monday, September 13, 2010


So it turns out that I'm not expected to write Grandmom's eulogy; what my uncle asked and my dad initially misunderstood is that they want me to write her obituary. Which is actually a much easier task, especially since I won't have to try to read it aloud.

I kind of like the draft eulogy I wrote, though, so I might save that and post it here the day of the memorial. We'll see.


We had a really good weekend.

Saturday morning, I took Penny shopping for some school clothes, and also so I could find something appropriate to wear to Grandmom's memorial service. Poor Penny dragged along while I tried on about two-thirds of the black dressed J. C. Penney's had to offer, I think. (I finally gave up on dresses entirely and bought a very pretty long grey skirt and a black shirt to wear with it. I waffled for a while over whether the grey was appropriate, but they didn't have it in black and I was really running out of options.) Penny was so patient and good, I bought her a cute fluffy sequin-y skirt and some silly-bands as a reward.

Saturday evening, we met Braz and Ripley and Henry for dinner (Adin was at work, so Braz was babysitting her kids) and ate on the deck of a local Mexican place. All four kids were really well-behaved (you know, with allowances for age and personal quirks) and we had a great time. Then we went back to our place where the kids played until Adin arrived. We got all the kids laid down to rest, and then the four of us... played D&D.

Wow, was that fun.

Seriously. Wonderfully. Adin did fantastically well -- she's never gamed before, but aside from a lack of familiarity with the terminology ("What's a THAC0?") and the tools ("Which one is the twenty-sider?") you'd never have known it. She jumped right into the role-playing part of it with both feet. Pretty much literally. ("I'm going to jump out of the tree onto the goblin's back. What do I roll for that?")

Mind, we're playing old-school. Our cleric doesn't have any spells yet and my character only has 3 hit points and Adin's only has 2. I wound up unconscious after the second round of the goblin fight and I'm pretty sure Braz fudged two of every three rolls he made for the rest of the fight to keep Matt's and Adin's characters alive...

But it was still awesome, and we'd have played a lot later if Adin hadn't been up at 5am to go to work that morning. As it was, we packed it in around 11, and they carried Adin's kids off home.

Sunday was dreary and rainy all day, but after Alex's nap, we took the kids down to my parents' to talk over some logistics for the memorial and travel and such, and we all had dinner together -- I had two enormous eggplants from our CSA delivery last week, so I made a pasta bake sort of thing with them that turned out quite good.

I think my parents really appreciated getting to see the kids and their unrestrained enthusiasm and silliness after the last few days of dealing with old people and death and sadness. So I'm glad we did that. It was definitely the right thing to do.

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