Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I played Rock Band last night. Had a lot of fun, and didn't get to bed until somewhat past midnight. So I'm kind of dragging and sleepy today, so not terribly inventive in the whole blog-reporting thing. Therefore, my choices are to bitch about the stupid bureaucracy crap going on at work that's driving me bananas, or post pictures from Valentine's Day.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Pictures it is! Though I didn't take any at the party, so I don't have any. Alas. But I still have some cute/pretty shots from Valentine's Day itself!

Here's the tulip/iris arrangement that Matt sent me. Pretty! When I took this, most of the irises were still so tightly closed you could barely tell what they are. The flowers were all opening this morning, and I would swear the tulips had all grown an extra inch. I need to change the water in the vase, re-trim the stems, and re-arrange the flowers so the shorter ones are on the outside. Maybe then I'll take another picture.

Penny going through her pile o' Valentines. There's a lot of love going on, here.

This is me getting all artistic and goofy with one of the dangly decorations from Penny's party. I thought it turned out rather well, actually.

I had a package of gel window clings for Valentine decorations. They cost $1 from Target. Penny originally put them up out of Alex's reach, but eventually I moved them so he could play with them. He loved them. He played with them -- moving them from one spot to another -- for at least half an hour, and maybe longer. I took several really cute shots of it -- but I like this one the best, just because of the title I gave it:  "I Offer You My Heart... It's Slightly Sticky."

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