Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Off

I had an absolutely lovely day off.

I had a massage in the morning, and then I stopped off at the mall to see what Old Navy had on the shelves (answer: not much, really, but I picked up a sweater and a couple of shirts to hold in reserve for warmer weather). I finished up there and headed back to Williamsburg with perfect timing to catch Avatar in 3-D. Which was pretty much exactly as it had been billed -- mildly preachy, sort of Ferngully in space, a little thin on plot but so stunningly gorgeous that its flaws didn't matter. I kind of want to buy the DVD when it comes out just so I can pause it every six frames and examine all the detail work on the CG and check out the "making of" features that are sure to come with it.

When the credits rolled, I checked my phone and found a message from Matt that he'd taken Penny home from school a bit early because she wasn't feeling well, and if I could pick Alex up, that would be great. So I went to the used bookstore, then collected the boy. While I was at daycare, they told us that they'd (finally!) officially moved Alex into the 2-year-old room, whoo!

Anyway, it was a fantastic day, and I enjoyed every moment of it, and I should do it more often.

Alex was a hoot in the car, too. He said something at one point that I responded to with, "I think you're being silly." He said, cheerfully, "Alex weenie!" (which is what we call him when he's being a goofball).

"Yep, you're a weenie, all right."

"Alex greeble!" (which is what we say when he begs/steals food from us).

"Yep, you're a greeble, sometimes."

"Alex greeble o'jas!"

"Yes, you greeble Daddy's oranges."

"O'jas juicy."

"Oranges are very juice. And tasty."

"Daddy o'jas tasty!"

...Did he just admit that other peoples' food tastes better?

At any rate, we repeated that entire exchange about eight times. He seems inordinately proud of himself for being a weenie and a greeble.Yup, he's a boy, all right.

We got home to discover that Penny had taken a nap and was stubbornly clinging to bed rather than work on her homework. Given the appetite with which she ate dinner, however, we felt okay with sending her to school today.

So now I'm back at work -- boo, hiss -- wading through the emails that collected and trying to figure out how to balance the day's assorted meetings, appointments, and tasks. Whee.

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