Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day

Well, it didn't work out quite like I'd planned. Oh, the snow held off until late Friday night, and then came down most of Saturday (it stopped late Saturday night, so I think it snowed for the better part of 24 hours straight). The kids had a blast (though we really should get Alex some boots -- his shoes kept slipping off in the snow) and I took some pictures.

But the roads weren't quite as clear this morning as I'd imagined they would be. Luckily, Penny wasn't supposed to be going to school anyway -- it was supposed to be a teacher workday -- so we'd already planned for her to stay home. I'm curious to see whether they close or delay school tomorrow, though. And then I'll be curious to see if they cancel the President's Day holiday or shorten Spring Break to make it up.

I got Alex to daycare this morning to discover they were running on a staff of 4 -- the director, the kitchen lady, and two teachers. They had the two teachers and all the kids corralled into a single room, at least until some more teachers come in, and I was a little concerned that Alex would freak out at being left in a room that he wasn't used to, without his favorite teacher present.

I always forget, though, that Alex is much more social than Penny was (or is). It didn't seem to bother him a bit. One of the teachers there was the two-year-old teacher that he already knows (they haven't officially moved him to the two-year-old class, yet, but he's been spending at least half his day in their room for weeks, now) and he ran right up to her and started telling her about the snow. And then while the other teacher (who happens to be the school-age teacher) was asking after Penny, he ran off to the far side of the classroom to investigate some toy with Elmo on it. He spotted me as I was leaving, and I wondered if he would lose his cool, but he just kind of shrugged and went back to the toys.


The drive in to work was pretty. Most of the roads I took had been cleared (except for the ramps and merge lanes, inexplicably), so traffic wasn't too bad. And a lot of the vegetation on the sides of the roads was covered with frost and sparkled in the morning light. Very pretty. A couple of times, I wished I could stop and take pictures.

Still, I think I might take my work computer home with me tonight, just in case school is still closed tomorrow.

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