Thursday, February 11, 2010


The last outstanding RSVP for Penny's Valentine party on Saturday came last night, so yay! I now know exactly how many kids to plan for! It will be a very girly party: the one boy Penny invited (Ray, of course) will be out of town, so it's going to be Penny and four other little girls (Jess and some girls from school -- Penny made her own guest list), plus the toddler sister of one of the girls (along with the parent). And I assume KT and Kevin will stick around... Guess I should lay in some food for the adults, too.
(Penny is still sort of upset with me that I'm not throwing a big party and including all of our adult friends as well, like we did for the Christmas party. I'm just not feeling that ambitious. It's someone else's turn to throw a party.)

As it is, though, I need to start food prep tonight. There will be heart-shaped cupcakes for the girls to decorate with sprinkles, and homemade sugar-free gummi candy. And some other candy, left over from the Valentines we put together last night for Penny's school party. And probably some nominally healthy food, like veggies with dip, cheese, and apple slices.

Also: activities! I bought some blank cards and a whole lot of stickers so the girls can make Valentines, and Penny has it in her head that they can all play a board game together (probably Candyland, as her other board game tops out at 4 players). I have some doubt as to her ability to corral five excited girls together to do something as staid as a board game, but I wish her luck, as the alternative is probably going to involve a lot of shrieking and giggling.

Heck, there's already a lot of giggling going on. Penny has been bouncing (literally) around the house for the last few nights and telling me how excited Gillian and Jillian and Rachael all are.

I'm looking forward to it, actually, shrieking and giggling aside. I think it will be fun for the girls, and I'm hoping to get home contact info for the girls from Penny's class so that I can invite them to her birthday party this summer, as well.

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