Monday, February 8, 2010

Miracles Happen

It snowed some on Friday, but didn't stick to anything but grass; by night, the snow had turned into a snow/rain mix that was washing even that meager accumulation away.

Saturday morning, it was still misting a light rain. You could barely even tell that it had snowed the previous week. I began to wonder if all the doom-and-gloom forecasters had miscalculated entirely.

But no -- by mid-morning, the misty rain had turned into thick wet flakes that stuck readily to everything. We went out to eat for lunch, and in the hour or less that we were in the restaurant, our incoming footsteps were completely obscured by the falling snow. Driving in slush and snow doesn't really intimidate me (thus, the benefits of two years of college in the mountains, I suppose) so we went over to the comic book store.

I don't think I'd been over there for six months or so -- Matt usually gets the comics on his own or with the kids, lately -- and Mark swore he wouldn't have recognized me at all if I hadn't come in with Matt and the kids. That was nice.

On the way home, I was driving through four inches of slush in the roads, and it occurred to me that all that slush could very well freeze overnight, leaving us with four inches of ice on Sunday. So despite the still thickly-falling snow, I headed off to the grocery store as soon as we got Alex down for a nap, so I wouldn't have to do it Sunday.

The snow stopped a bit before dinner, and I think we counted about six inches of accumulation. I sighed, and was glad I'd decided to lug my work laptop home, because it didn't look all that likely that there would be school Monday.

Sunday was slow. No grocery shopping to do, anyway. I puttered around on the computer, did some organizing of my scrapbook stuff, called my parents, and otherwise managed to forget about working on our taxes. Penny spent a lot of time playing with Ray, over at his house and then at ours. (They trooped in around 3:30 in the afternoon because they were making Ray's mom crazy. Penny said, "Mom, I hope we don't drive you sane!")

I might not have bothered with that Saturday grocery run, though. Between it being a bright, sunny day and the salt and sand still on the roads from last weekend, somewhere between 10 and noon, the roads cleared up almost entirely. Little bits of meltwater and slush collected at the edges, but even our culdesac, which is always the last spot in the neighborhood to clear, was clean.

So we had a quiet afternoon and evening, ate dinner, played with the kids, and got them put to bed. I can't say we watched the Super Bowl, but we did record it on the TiVO so we could flip through for the commercials. Though they were mostly pretty lame, this year. The Denny's series with the screaming chickens could've been good, if they'd either gotten better fake chickens, or worse ones. I'd never run into an Uncanny Valley problem with chickens before, but they managed it. And the Snickers "Betty White" one right at the beginning was pretty funny. The rest, though... eh. To steal directly from Wil Wheaton's twitter comment, most of the commercials were "1) Bland and unimaginative 2) Emasculating 3) Misogynistic 4) All of the above." Ah, well. At least, thanks to the magic of TiVO, we were able to blow through the entire 3.5-hour event in about an hour. (And even though I really couldn't care less about football, congratulations Saints fans. I'm always glad to see an underdog come out on top.)

Shockingly, school was not canceled, even though there's probably a street somewhere in the county with some ice on it. Miracles do happen.

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