Thursday, February 4, 2010


The kids are back to school today! Yippee! Now, if it can just not snow this weekend (they're threatening some, but it looks like it'll be mixed with rain, so it's a toss-up) and life can get back to normal. Please.

Entry's running late today because I took Alex to the ear-nose-throat doctor to get his tubes checked. Alex was not too keen on having the otoscope in his ear, but he mostly kept his cool, and the doctor gave us two thumbs up: tubes are still in place and everything looks healthy. He suggested bringing out the ear drops whenever Alex has a cold, as a preventative (which we'd pretty much been doing anyway -- actually, when his ears get stopped up, Alex will actually ask for the drops, so it makes a pretty good indicator).

Alex was so good, we let him have two stickers from the sticker box -- Winnie the Pooh and I found an ELMO! sticker hiding behind some others. He insisted on taking off his coat immediately so I could put the stickers on his shirt, and he talked about them excitedly all the way to school.

(Except for when we passed a stop sign in the parking lot and he had to stop and touch it and tell me about the Red! Oc'agon! With Letters! S! T! O! P!)

Damn, but I have a cute kid.

And now I shall drop all pretense of dignity and beg: I desperately need a babysitter for March 11! Matt and I have tickets to see They Might Be Giants -- and Jonathan Coulton -- in concert, and I really, really want to go to this show! (Yes, we bought the tickets before finding a babysitter. Not always wise, but I am determined!) Unfortunately, the combination of it being a school night (a Thursday) and the need for the babysitter to be able to give Penny her bedtime shot is kind of limiting our pool. So if you know anyone in the area who might be willing -- please, please, please let me know!!!

Seriously, please.

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