Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Alex is still adjusting to the whole Daylight Savings crapola. He's used to waking up and having a little time to himself in the mornings before Matt goes in to get him dressed for the day. But he's only shifted his sleep schedule by about half an hour, so he's not getting as much time in the mornings as he's used to. Which leads to him being cranky and moody in the mornings.

Which leads to mornings like this, where he seemed fine in the car, but when we got to daycare and hung up his jacket, he backed into me and refused every suggestion I made that he go play, or greet the teacher, or go see his girlfriends. And when I gave up and told him I was going, he started crying.

I'm sure he'll be fine, and he was probably over it and playing with blocks or something before Penny and I pulled out of the parking lot. But I hate that kind of morning. I was sort of resigned to them, with Penny, my delicate flower of a firstborn who cried at being dropped off well into kindergarten and, as near as I can tell, is still horrified by the idea that she's expected to get her own place to live when she's grown up. But Alex is usually so cool and collected about his morning dropoff.

He needs to hurry up and get adjusted to the time change so he can go back to being his usual sanguine self.

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