Thursday, March 25, 2010


Penny woke up with her sugars nearly 300 this morning, even though they'd been just perfect last night. Which means a) she's getting up and eating in the middle of the night without us noticing (not likely); b) she was really, really stressed and angry at us for making her put a skirt on over her leggings (one day, she will learn to tell the difference between leggings and pants) (but this isn't likely, either); c) she's about to get hit with strep throat or some other variety of infection (unfortunately fairly likely); or d) one of another six bajillion factors that we don't know to account for (also unfortunately fairly likely).

So I guess we'll be on the lookout for illness this weekend and keeping our fingers crossed.

Other things on the list for this weekend: Penny's swim lesson, Matt's D&D game, and Easter basket shopping (both for the kids and for the adults -- Matt and I having discussed the matter and decided that we would make baskets for each other).

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