Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Good

The software delivery got done with half an hour to spare, then I picked Penny up and took her down to our Congressman's office for the JDRF meeting. Luckily, the organizer had scrounged up a few more families to attend, so it wasn't just me. There were, in fact, three diabetic teenagers and a parent or two apiece, a couple of older women (who were either diabetic or had diabetic children not with them), and a diabetic woman with two small children. We talked to Representative Wittman about why we'd like him to support bill HR 3668 and its renewal for the Special Diabetes Program funding (I gave him a printout of this page from the JDRF website, which summarizes its advantages for families living with diabetes). He was political (which is to say he at least appeared to be listening, and when he talked, he leaned on buzzwords like "cost" and "savings" until we flat-out told him that cost was actually not our highest priority, but then he managed to adapt) but that wasn't entirely unexpected. He promised to read over the bill and let us know whether he'd support it within the next couple of days. I'll be interested to see what he says.

While we were waiting, one of the teenagers came over to talk to Penny and they seemed to really hit it off, so after the meeting I asked if she ever babysat, and she said she does, so I got her phone number -- it'd be good to have some options for when my family isn't available!

Of course, leaving early to attend that meeting means I missed going to the gym yesterday. And then I went to Rock Band last night, which was lots of fun, except that it means I missed my shower. And also, I ate a ridiculous amount of junk food while I was there. And this morning, I was just getting ready to do my usual morning workout when a) the cat peed on the rug and I had to clean it up, and then b) Penny did her blood sugar check and was low, so I had to get breakfast for her right away, and I didn't get that workout in, either. So I'm feeling kind of bloated and sluggish and totally not looking forward to my weekly weigh-in tomorrow.

Then I got to work this morning to discover my laptop was spontaneously rebooting itself, over and over. I did eventually undock it, shut it completely down, let it rest, and then re-dock and reboot it, and it came up, but the whole thing has made me vaguely nervous. I do believe I'll be working off the LAN for the next day or so, just in case. (I save everything important to the LAN anyway, but it's slow, so I tend to work off my hard drive and then copy stuff out to the LAN periodically.)

I'm trying to decide how to handle yesterday's missed gym session. Just write it off as a "life happens" event, or rearrange the week's usual appointments and sessions so I still get in my 3 visits? In light of last night's junk food orgy, I should probably rearrange to get my 3 visits in, but I'm feeling lethargic... Which is a pretty good reason to kick myself in the behind and get to the gym, I guess. And Wednesday night is Book Club...  Yeah, I should make an effort to get that gym session in.

And my allergies are acting up because I forgot to take my meds yesterday. I am an idiot. It is spring, and every plant within a 100-mile radius of me is enthusiastically pollinating. Do not forget to take the damn meds, idiot.

It's going to get better from here, right?

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