Monday, March 22, 2010

All About Me

Sort of unintentionally, it ended up being an "all about me" weekend.

I ended up taking Friday off from work, sort of out of the blue. I looked up at one point on Thursday afternoon, came to the realization that I had no deliverables going out Friday, nor meetings scheduled, and since I've spent most of the last two weeks (and to be honest, more than I'd like of the last two months) twiddling my thumbs and looking for busywork to justify my employment, I decided to just take the day off.

Naturally, as soon as I made that decision, I got a meeting scheduled, but it was going to be a short call-in anyway, so I did that from home. So I spent Friday morning writing, then I called in for my meeting, then I went to the gym. When I got home, I ate lunch and piddled around a little, and started some scrapbooking. I picked Penny up from school, and we walked over to the 7-11 and got Slurpees, and then when we got home, I did some more scrapbooking.

Saturday was my "delayed Christmas" day with KT and Kevin. After lunch, Penny and I drove down to their place and hung out for a bit, then we drove over to Portsmouth, and took the ferry over to Waterside, which was a bit of a treat for the girls. From there we walked over to Nauticus to see the Real Pirates exhibit. That was really fascinating, made all the better by some re-enactors and the gorgeous displays. Penny was fascinated by the story of John -- an 8-year-old who ran away from home to turn pirate. It was made all the better by knowing that it was mostly real, not a wild and exaggerated story.

My only complaint was that if I'd known they weren't going to allow any photography inside the exhibit, I wouldn't have lugged my camera along, but oh well. At least I got cute pictures of the girls on the ferry, and some of the Norfolk mermaids.

The weather couldn't possibly have been any finer -- it was in the mid-70s, with a light breeze, honestly just a perfect spring day.

When we got back to KT and Kevin's, it was time for dinner. Kevin ordered pizza for himself and the girls, and KT and I walked over to a restaurant near them called Passion. It was a fairly fancy place, and they had fantastic food. KT and I both went a bit overboard, but if we post gains this week, it will have been so worth it. And it was wonderful just to sit and talk with her -- we don't really get time to do that much anymore.

So we sat and talked for quite a while, then walked back to their place (I should've taken my jacket along -- the temperature dropped quite a bit once the sun went down) and I collected Penny and headed home. We didn't get back until nearly and hour past Penny's usual bedtime.

Sunday was mostly the usual stuff in the morning, but then after lunch I met Vicki to see Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was fun, though it had some weird gaps and holes in it. The story set me up to expect some plot twists that never actually occurred, and whoever decided that the Mad Hatter would seem madder if he changed his voice and accent every sentence or so should have told Johnny Depp not to use his Cap'n Jack voice, because that was sort of jarring. And Vicki and I agreed that we were glad we didn't see it in 3-D, because that probably would have made us a bit seasick, with all the whooshing around it did. All in all, it's not a movie I want to buy, but I didn't feel like I'd wasted my money going to see it, so... call it 6/10?

Back to work today, of course, and nothing in particular on the calendar for this week. Though my chat with KT did make me consider some other writing directions to take, so at least there's something to think about working on when I'm stuck with nothing to do.

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