Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy Sugars

At 10 last night, when by all rights Penny shouldn't have any insulin left over from dinner left in her system, her blood sugar check was 140. Which is just about right. Plenty of room for wiggles in either direction.

This morning at breakfast, she was at 80. Which is technically in range, though the very bottom of it. Which means she somehow dropped 60 points overnight. Which is, if nothing else, a great illustration of exactly why her doctor is keeping her night range higher than her daytime range. If she'd been at 80 when we went to bed last night, we might have woken this morning to a scramble for the Glucagon, a call to the emergency room, or... worse.

She's been waking up on the low end of her range (or even actually and officially low) for most of the last week. Matt and I need to look over her chart and consider adjusting either her Lantus doseage (if she seems to be running on the low side a lot all day) or her dinner ratio (if this is only happening overnight). Our "orders" from the doctor allow us to adjust her meal ratios at our own discretion, within a certain range, though if it looks like it's going to be a Lantus shift, we'll probably fax that in for the doctor to confirm.

Of course, I don't think lows are likely to be much of a problem for the weekend. Today is Friday, and Penny drank all her milk at lunch all week, so she's allowed a chocolate milk with her lunch today. And tomorrow is a birthday party for one of her classmates, with cake and pizza -- which virtually guarantees that she'll run high for the next 24 hours.

At least she'll have fun. And I may try to collect some more parents' phone numbers, so we can try to invite more of her school friends to her birthday party this summer.

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Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

D sure keep us on our toes, doesn't it?! It seems just when we think we have our ratios down, we need to change them again.

Have a great weekend! Hope Penny has fun at the party!