Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clothing Considerations

Ug. I made a poor fashion choice this morning. I'm wearing a black sweater over a tank top, which looks fine, but it's kind of an itchy sweater, and it's making me crazy. Especially since I had a vial test for my allergy meds yesterday, which means I've got three extremely itchy little bumps on my arms anyway. And since what I've got under the sweater is a tank, I can't just take it off and pretend that the undershirt was it for the day.

Bleh. Well, if it's still driving me crazy when I head out for the gym, I may swing by the house and change.

In the meantime, I'm getting mentally itchy for the concert tomorrow. I'm planning on taking a half-day tomorrow, assuming the week's deliverables are done in time. Not that there's much to do to prepare for the concert, but it makes a good excuse, eh?

I'd been considering dressing up for the concert (well, "up" as in "fun clothes I couldn't wear to work", not "up" as in "formal") but Matt told me yesterday that the venue is a no-seats, standing-audience-only place, so I'll be wanting to wear a) comfortable shoes and b) clothes I can sit on the floor in. So much for stripey tights, a flirty skirt, and heeled boots! Guess it'll be sneakers, jeans, and a snarky/geeky tee.

It's not been the best week for clothes in our house all around, anyway -- despite the reminder that came home from school Monday, Matt and I completely forgot about Tuesday being picture day, so we let Penny go to school wearing her slightly ratty Batman tee. Oh, well. At least her hair was combed. I hope they found someone to put in front of her for the class picture.

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