Friday, February 11, 2011

For Four

Yes, I ran out during my lunch break yesterday and got myself a Verizon iPhone 4.

The Verizon store was insanely busy, but they'd obviously brought in a bunch of extra staff for the day, so there were no lines. (One woman told me that they'd anticipated a line in the morning, but the weather seemed to have discouraged it.) So I was there for all of about twenty minutes and walked out with my new phone.

And in further good news, the website is a little confusing. I'd assumed I was required to get a "Talk & Text" plan, which has however many minutes plus unlimited text messages. But I only talk for about 30 minutes in a month, and I usually send fewer than 100 text messages, so the person helping me assured me that I could get the smallest "Talk" plan and do one of the cheaper, limited "Text" plans. Which means that my new phone should cost only slightly more per month than the old one did, instead of being significantly more.

Then I went to get my allergy shots and found the doctor's office completely closed. So I went home to sync my new phone and load it up before heading back to the office.

I spent half the afternoon turning the phone on and marveling at the way I had reception in my office. Not just "had reception", either, but usually a full three (of five) bars! I can actually send and receive text messages now without having to go out and stand in the lobby!


...Yup, I'm a dork.

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