Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weight For It

My weight popped back up this week, dangit. I knew I was overdoing it this weekend, but I didn't expect the numbers to keep climbing into this week, since I was back to being good on Monday. I even managed to resist the doughnuts in the office kitchen Monday! Stupid scale.

Tonight is book club, though Kris promised she'd pick up veggies and fruits, so I should be mostly okay there. But then this weekend is the Chocolate Affair. At which I refuse to count points. I'll just have to be good the rest of the weekend and hope for the best.

But dang, it sure would be nice to be back to baseline by the time my doctor's appointment rolls around in April; or even below that in preparation for the trip to Cancun in August.

Guess that means actually sticking to plan for a while, huh? Stupid cause-and-effect. I wish I could make myself not like food for a while. Then I could just eat-to-fuel and not care about anything else. Seriously, isn't there a switch in my brain I could flip? Come on, science, let's get on that!

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E. said...

I suppose you could go to the extreme of finding a flavoring you really hate, and sprinkling it on all your food, so you only eat when you're really hungry.

Of course, then your body might go into starvation mode and stop losing because it doesn't have enough food.

It's like Goldilocks; too much or too little, but hardly ever Just Right. Come to think of it, being chased by a bear every time you eat might be good motivation to eat less...