Thursday, February 3, 2011


Matt asked me last night, in light of my re-joining Weight Watchers, how much candy comprised the line  between, "Ooh, chocolate, thank you!" and "You ass, you know I'm on a diet!"

Which is an excellent question, but a difficult one. On the one hand -- I really like chocolate. On the other -- I'm on a diet, dammit. Well, if I lose all restraint and eat it all in a day, we could call it that week's "bonus" points, so that would be... about 20 or so standard sampler-sized chocolates? Ish? Any WW friends out there who've done the math on this and want to help me out?

Alternately, fruit is 100% free on the new plan, so there's always Edible Arrangements... Mmm, delicious pineapple.

But it reminded me that I needed to get something for him. The problem being that he doesn't really want anything. No, really. I asked. Anyone out there have any ideas? What do women usually give to men on Valentine's Day? ... Besides that, I mean. Help me out here, guys!

(I need something for the kids, too, but they're easy: a stuffie and a little candy and they're good to go. I just need to make a run to Target this weekend. Which I need to do anyway so I can get cards for them to give to their classmates and teachers.)


KT said...

Since I know my man doesn't read your blog:

I am getting him an arrangement from Just Cupcakes delivered to his work, so he can eat them, enjoy them, and LEAVE THEM THERE.

PS - my "are you human word" is Fling... oddly appropriate.

Elizabeth said...

Most individual size chocolates (the tiny Reese's PB hearts, Hershey's Bliss hearts, tiny mini KitKats) seem to come out around 1 point per piece. Since those are about the same size as the pieces in a Whitman's sampler or similar sampler, I'd guess those are about the same.

Or you could specifically request the Weight Watchers Whitman's chocolates. Some of those are actually really good, and they are individually wrapped and precalculated.