Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vote Neigh

So in addition to the frustrating doctor visit, yesterday was a disaster at work, and I'm just not going to talk about it because I'm trying to be a little more optimistic today. Or at least less surly. So I'll tell you about my weekend instead.

This past weekend, we finally managed to reserve a day to go up and around Richmond and visit Jennie and Brian and check out their new house. It's a nice place, surrounded by woods and horse farms. When we took their dogs for a walk, we took along some carrots so Penny could feed the horses. She did okay holding out a long carrot, but was a little too nervous of the horses' teeth to let them take the stubs off her palm. But that was okay, because then I got to feed them, too. I even got to pet the colt, while Matt and Alex had the mother distracted.

Aside from feeding horses, we mostly just hung around their place and watched the kids play with the dogs and each other and then we watched DVDs. Jennie cooked up some lovely meals (homemade turkey soup for lunch, and lasagna for dinner, yum!) and we didn't get home until nearly 9, but it was a really nice day.

Then I spent Sunday sucked into a book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and grumbling anytime someone asked me to do something that wasn't reading. But I did manage to make a roasted chicken with roasted vegetables for dinner, and that was, really, lovely. I should do it more often. I just need to remember that parsnips need half an hour or so longer than everything else or else I need to cut them into thinner pieces.

And as an added bonus, when I realized yesterday that I hadn't bought chicken to make last night's dinner with (yeah, yesterday was kind of a wash, though playing WoW with friends was fun because I was 25 levels higher than the dungeon they were doing and just burned through everything insanely fast), I just pulled out some leftover roasted chicken and used that, instead. Whoo-hoo!

Today, I am trying really hard to pretend like I give a shit about much of anything, though; I'm sleepy and slightly grouchy and suspect I'm PMSing. The good news is that there's nothing on my schedule for the day, and tonight's dinner is super-easy -- soup and grilled cheese -- so I can just curl up and be a hermit for most of the day.

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