Monday, February 28, 2011

An Affair

Weekend: awesome.

We went to the Chocolate Affair Saturday evening, and gorged ourselves on chocolate until we could barely breathe and looked at beautiful displays like these:

Then, since Braz and Adin all but insisted we go out afterwards, we went with Vicki to the Corner Pocket to sip coffee and water and try to convince our stomachs that they weren't as full as they thought they were. (We were also hoping to meet Vicki's boyfriend, but he didn't arrive until a few minutes after Matt and I decided to leave.)

Sunday, we went down to my parents' house to visit my mom for a while (Dad was, as usual, at some camping/boy scout thing). Mom and I talked about Cancun for a while, and things we might do while we're there. Just in case you were looking for confirmation of a suspicion: yes, my parents are ridiculously excited about me bringing Penny to Cancun.

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