Monday, February 21, 2011


Stupid President's Day. Matt and Penny have the day off, but I'm at work.

Fairly good weekend, though. We met up with Braz & Adin and company for dinner Friday, and rather spontaneously, in the middle of dinner, Penny got invited to spend the night at Adin's with Ripley and Sarah. I thought about it and couldn't come up with any reason why she shouldn't go, so we went home and threw together her suitcase.

Saturday afternoon, we'd planned for Jen and Brian to come down to hang out and have dinner with us. Jen is sort of chronically late, so I didn't worry when they didn't arrive on time, but after about forty-five minutes, they called to say they had been on time, but then had wound up stuck in completely unmoving traffic for over an hour. Another half-hour later, they called to say they still hadn't gone anywhere. Matt did a search online and discovered that all eight lanes of the interstate had been closed due to some brush fires. Eventually, the cops got everyone turned around (literally, had cars turning around and driving the wrong way up the interstate to get off and take alternate routes), so after four and a half hours of sitting in the car and essentially driving through fire, they showed up.

We had a lovely dinner, though, and greatly enjoyed sitting around talking and watching goofy shows on Netflix.

Sunday's plan was to join Braz & Adin and kids at Braz's apartment to play some Rock Band while Braz and Adin did their laundry, and that went pretty well. Though we took a risk on skipping Alex's nap, and while he was fine right up until about 5, he fell asleep on me watching TV and then was sort of cranky and easily-upset for the rest of the evening, so I guess he's not quite ready to give up the nap yet. But the Rock Band was fun, and after a while, all the girls went outside to play together, so the four of us grownups got to totally rock out.

The big experiment for the weekend was trying to keep Alex in his "big boy" underpants. The daycare wants to go pretty much cold turkey on the pullups, so we're trying to support that. He only had two accidents on Saturday (and managed to hold his bladder for a whole hour while I took him out running errands!), but Sunday was a bit of a disaster, even though I had a timer set to remind him to go to the potty every half-hour. Oh, well, we'll see what happens, I guess. I dropped him off at daycare this morning with four changes of clothes. I expect we'll be doing a lot of laundry over the next week or so.

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