Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nothing Like

There's nothing like having not one, not two, but three emergency software releases in the space of one week.

There's nothing like having editing deadlines closing in fast.

There's nothing like finishing a story and then trying to figure out how to retool it so it doesn't suck.

There's nothing like a child who goes through a fairly excessive gagging routine every time she takes the antibiotic she's on, then spends the rest of the morning dragging her feet and whining about an upset stomach.

(There's nothing like having to decide whether the child is merely malingering or actually ill, and then spending the rest of the day second-guessing yourself.)

There's nothing like another child who feels the need to collapse into sobbing fits multiple times a day over such life-altering events as being told to put on a shirt, or that we're having rice with dinner. (I think he's trying to confound us by having his Terrible Twos at three.)

There's nothing like a call from the new boss (thanks to Yet Another Corporate Re-organization) to "check in" and hint that he's going to be a lot more hands-on than the old boss, effectively upping my workload.

There's nothing like my life.

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