Friday, March 18, 2011

Bzz Bzz

Busy as bees, we are.

I've got a software delivery today at work. Also, I'm meeting Matt and Adin for lunch. (Need to research nutrition info before I go...)

Tomorrow afternoon, Jess is coming over to spend the night with Penny.

We're still riding herd on Alex and the potty training. (He's great as long as we remind him to go every half-hour or 45 minutes, but if we don't, he ignores it until it's too late.)

We're two weeks from Penny's spring break, which is when I was thinking would be a good time for Matt and I to take her over to the courthouse to apply for her passport, but that means I need to get a move on with the downloading the form and making sure I know where all the assorted papers are.

Also, I need to verify with the daycare that they're good to take her that week.

I've got several checks I need to deposit and/or cash, so I need to go to the bank in the worst way.

I'm working on a story but it hasn't quite clicked for me yet, so I'm dragging words out that I suspect are going to be deleted later. Knowing that doesn't make it any easier to drag them out, either. (But at least the editing is at a lull at the moment -- only one story in that queue, and it's not due until May.)

I've got 10 emails in my personal Inbox which require some sort of response or action from me, and 3 in my work Inbox. (For obvious reasons, I stay a little more on top of the work email.)

If my schedule gets much more crowded, I'm going to need to start charting time to breathe.

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