Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedded Bliss

Penny spent a lot of time this weekend drawing pictures of people getting married.

The sweetest one was for Matt and I. She's never seen pictures of our wedding, but apparently she's seen or read enough of weddings to imagine it. (Though she hasn't quite caught on to all the symbolism. She asked me, "What color was your dress?" and when I told her it was white, she said, "Oh. I'm going to give it some color.") I'm particularly fond of the chandeliers in all three pictures.

And then she drew a couple of pictures about a couple who were in love but the prince did not want to get married, so the princess locked him up and made him marry her. Which... I swear, I do not know where she gets these ideas. Should I be paying closer attention to the stories Matt's telling her at bedtime?

The big boxy thing on the right is a foreground shot of the wedding cake.

Now the cake is just off to the side, but it's got a new topper with their initials on it. (She remembered that S and H were their initials, but not what their names were, when I was asking her about the picture.) The red thing over the prince's hand is a box or a glove or something to keep him from drawing his sword. (Why the princess was clever enough to anticipate the prince getting his hand free, but dumb enough to leave him with his sword, I'm not sure.)

I have to hope the prince's reluctance is the result of a spell or curse or something, because otherwise, I suspect this princess is doomed to become a statistic -- either for divorce or domestic homicide. (Penny was very specific that the prince and the princess loved each other; she just wasn't as clear about why the prince didn't want to get married.)

Ahh, imagination.

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