Monday, March 21, 2011


It's a chilly morning, and in the hour it took me to take the kids to school and get to work, it went from a standard fairly cloudy spring morning to nightfall-dark with an incoming thunderstorm. I missed having to run through the rain by less than five minutes.

Something about it getting darker just shut down my system. I can't stop yawning now.

And there's not a lot of work on the plate for this week, which doesn't exactly inspire me to jump in with both feet. Maybe when I hit the gym later it will get blood moving back into my brain, but for now, all I want to do is curl up and take a nap.


It was a nice, calm weekend. Poor Jess woke up Saturday morning with a stomach bug, so the sleepover had to be canceled. So we wound up, uncharacteristically, spending the whole weekend to ourselves, pretty much.

We took the kids to the movies on Saturday -- we saw Rango, which looked cute. It turned out to be the kind of animated movie that's geared more toward adults, or at least older kids. Penny complained on the way home that we'd promised it was a funny movie, and it hadn't been -- and she was right; there wasn't much funny about it if you weren't already familiar with westerns and their tropes.

But at least it got us out of the house. And! We hedged our bets and put Alex in a pullup for it, because we really didn't think we could rely on him to go a solid two hours without going to the bathroom, but when we got home and had him go potty, the pullup was still dry! (It's a good thing I didn't get us a soda to go with the popcorn, though, I expect.)

In fact, barring naptimes and overnights, Alex stayed dry all weekend! Whoo!!

KT dropped by for a couple of hours Saturday evening on her way back home from Richmond, and we had a nice chat.

We didn't do much of anything on Sunday -- the usual chores and errands, really -- and it turned out to be nice just to hang out and relax. Alex spent some time hanging out on our porch with a four-year-old from a couple of houses down the street (I didn't catch the kid's name) and Penny was in and out playing with Ray.

That's about it. Quiet weekend, sleepy day.

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