Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My throat hurts.

I'm not sure whether the prime culprit is the allergies or the yelling at Miss Argues With Everything.

(No, seriously. The morning involved this conversation: "I swear, Penny, if you don't stop with the attitude and the arguing, I am going to tape your mouth shut." "There isn't any tape in the car." Having already been goaded to the point of threats, where else was I supposed to go except yelling?)

Can I get a do-over on the day?


I keep my assorted doctor's appointment cards taped to my printer at work. Right now, there are appointments for March 22, April 21, and June 22. Apparently, I need to make an appointment for May 21 or 22, just to keep the pattern solid.


I bought Joey Comeau's latest book last week but I haven't started reading it yet. Because Joey's style is so strong that I'm afraid it will take me over and I'll end up writing like him for a while. And while I love his writing, it doesn't match mine, and it would make whatever I write feel odd, when it's done, with my usual style rolling along and suddenly a patch of this terse, reflective prose populated by brilliantly dysfunctional characters... It would be weird. So I've got the book and I'm reading the individual pieces he's posting on his blog.

Which is a little weird. Which, I can't help but think, makes me more or less Joey's perfect audience.

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