Thursday, March 17, 2011

Touch of the Green

Penny slipped down the stairs this morning before she got dressed, while I was still doing my morning yoga on the Wii Fit. "Do we still have school today?"

"Um, yes. Why wouldn't we?"

"Because it's a holiday?"

"It's not that kind of holiday, hon. Get dressed."


Matt is doing the WatchDOGS program at Penny's school today. He came downstairs in jeans and his WatchDOGS t-shirt, which is white and purple and (I think) yellow, but has no green.

Penny immediately started threatening to pinch and poke him, and was egging Alex on, as well.

He managed to stave them off by promising a retaliatory zerbert, but it occurred to me that he was going to be spending an entire day at the school, surrounded by kids in green with no idea at all what the real symbolism was, only "the rules" that promise anyone lacking green a pinch.

So I loaned him my green nail polish, and he painted one fingernail, to ward off the pinchers.


I'm wearing plenty of green, myself. (Shirt, scarf, necklace, earrings, nail polish. And my socks have little shamrocks on them.) Why not? It's one of my favorite colors.


Yesterday was crazy. Tomorrow will be crazy. Today, thankfully, promises to be fairly slow. Which is good, because I've got an appointment with the boob-masher this afternoon, and then we're going over to Adin's for dinner, and if I have time between those two things, I want to make some soup.


Yep, kind of fragmented blog post this morning. That's just how my brain is(n't) working today.

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